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Cat is an established composer and sound designer who has written and produced soundtracks for many international clients and brand names. Through her association with the Trikaya Creative Group in Miami, Cat has created music for global brands such as Diageo, Guinness, and Johnnie Walker. 

Cat has also finished scoring a 4 part documentary series set for global TV release. She is a very accomplished all round musician performing and recording on vocals, guitar, bass guitar, piano and percussion.


From 2015 she became a senior producer at Qritikal Media - creators of innovative visual music at the cutting edge of technology, collaborating with creative agencies who work in the fields of Visual Design, Experiential Brand Theatre, Television and Cinema. With their combined experience of Composition, Sound Design and Music Production, they have a formidable wealth of talent, skill and creativity to provide outstanding and award winning results for clients


Cat has unrivalled knowledge of event production on all levels. She can plan, promote and perform. Whether working as a playlist/music designer, ambience consultant, DJ or live musician Cat will deliver 100% commitment and professionalism to the job in hand. 

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