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Whenever I get 'the call' for a Slam! gig I always hang up smiling.

This amazing troupe of percussionists create an incredible spectacle of sight and sound as they present their dynamic and exciting sets of highly choreographed performance. The players use all sorts of objects to fuse together driving arrangements played on ladders, traffic cones, cars, exhausts, wheels, windows and anything else they can get their hands on!

I had the amazing opportunity to become a part of an awesome 30 performer strong choreographed show for Epson Printers in Berlin Germany. We smashed oil drums and jumped around shouting as per usual while acrobats and dancers flipped and moved around us. There were beautiful performances from amazing opera singers and violinists. It really was a high impact crazy show!

Thanks to the @Full Circle team & @SKIN London for putting it together and pulling it off!

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