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The Lipstix Drum Show!

It's been a crazy summer this year and I never know what life is going to have in store for me, or where I will be, or even live! I got a call from Rich Joy asking if I would want to be part of a new show him and Vicky O Neon had dreamt up. A Couple of my percussion heros, of course I was instantly excited......

We had a great day shooting the promo video and I even cracked out some my old circus skills (which I actually thought i'd left in 2013 ha) There's some seriously skilled women in this line up and I can't wait to start touring with this powerhouse of talent.

"The Lipstix is the UK’s newest and most original female drum-led show. With Vicky O Neon at the helm of this powerhouse troupe of girls, this is an act to watch and be astounded by. Formed over the last 3 years of the touring show SLAM!, the girls bring not only award winning drum skills but guitar shredding, fire breathing and street tap to take this show to the next level. Mixing contemporary nods to pop music classics and original hard hitting beats this pulse racing show is a perfectly formed cabaret that can open any event or be the finale to an awards show."

The Lipstix

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